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 (9R) -HHC 72%

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>99.5% CBDA

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Tresco Labs GmbH develops novel strategies for natural product synthesis and derivatization. We develop specialty chemicals and synthetic methods for the regulatory-compliant addition of value to your portfolio. 

We offer peerless chemistry applied to cannabinoid synthesis.

Our Story 

Tresco Labs, GmbH was founded by Prof. Dr. Thomas Ziegler, Director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry at University of Tuebingen, Germany and Eric Cosky, an American chemist and entreprener with experience in controlled substances and regulatory compliance.

Eric Cosky 

Founders of Tresco Labs, GmbH

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ziegler 

Our Laboratory

Our laboratory in historic Industriepark Hoechst, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, one of the largest chemical and pharmaceutical parks in Europe, is a state-of-the-art facility formerly operated by Sanofi-Aventis. Here, we develop and manufacture specialty chemicals for facilitating the addition of value to our client's product portfolios. 

Industriepark Hoechst: 


Hexahydrocannabinols, CBDA, HHCA, THCA and derivatives therefrom

18 months in the making, Tresconizer enables the biomimetic cyclization of CBD to delta-9 THC in >94% purity with quantitative yield; a first for the field. 

Other products include:

-   Pro-drug derivatizations which solubilize cannabinoids 

-    Catalysts and protocols for selectively oxidizing delta-9 THC to CBN 

-    Customized derivatizations for regulatory compliant transportation of cannabinoids 

-    Performance chemicals for cost-effective high purity cannabinoid isolation

-    Custom syntheses based upon client needs and specifications  

Our Achievements

        -  High (9R) -HHC 72% ,  > 99% total HHC, NO detectable THC (for COA, click here

-HHC-O (HHC acetate) >99%

-HHCP >99% & custom alkyl chain derivations

- trans-iso-HHC




- Non-decarboxylating THCA derivations which stand up to GCs

- >99.5% CBDA 

-    Pro-cannabinoids water solubilization for acidic and basic pH formulations 

-    Tresconizer for high-purity CBD to THC conversion 

-    CBN 

-    Synthetic CBDA, CBD, CBDA methyl ester and countless CBDA & CBD derivatives 


 For enquiries, custom synthesis, samples, orders, etc., please contact: 


Email:   [email protected]

Tel:      +49(0)171-940-1971 


Tresco Labs, GmbH 

Industriepark Hoechst G837 

65929 Frankfurt am Main, Germany